Qi Xuan Khoo

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Karsh Scholar at Duke studying Economics and Computer Science. A part-time musician, full-time foodie, and a dreamer who aspires to inspire before he expires.

Anni Chen

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Sophomore at Duke University majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. Passionate about women in tech and tech for social good.

Tharun Raj

Product Management Lead

Junior at Duke studying Computer Science and Statistics. A fan of all things tech, with a sprinkle of philosophy into the mix.

Andrea Centeno


Sophomore at Duke University studying Economics and Political Science for a career using innovative solutions to tackle global issues. International development optimist and committed to measurably improve lives.

Kyra Chan

Design Lead

Junior at Duke double majoring in Electrical Computer Engineering and Computer Science, with a minor in Visual Media Studies. Things I love: my corgi, food, and everything design-related!

Thuan Tran

Marketing Lead

Studying political science and energy at Duke University. Interested in finding the intersection between business and sustainability - social, economic, or environmental. Please feel free to reach out to me.

Shine Wu

Project Director

Robertson Scholar at Duke studying Economics and Data Science. Lover of the outdoors, climate and frontier tech investor, and avid basketball fan.

Rui Xin

Software Engineer

Sophomore at Duke majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. Interested in how everything works.

Ignacio Heeren

Student Outreach Lead

Sophomore at Duke University majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. Passionate about the intersection between science and humanities.

Jonathan Griffin

Student / Partner Outreach

Jonathan Griffin is a sophomore from Alexandria, Virginia studying Economics, Political Science, and Chinese language. While not a CompSci student himself, Jonathan looks forward to contributing to Technify's mission by helping match capable students with partner organizations.

Lily Li

Partner Outreach Lead

Undergraduate student at Duke University studying Statistics and Psychology. Passionate about data-driven impactful work that connects and empowers. An enthusiast of musicals, nature, and FRIENDS!